9 New Films Available for Streaming This Week. Tell Us Which One You Want to Watch?

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New Films Available for Streaming This Week

This Halloween season continues this week with a wide range of horror films that range in quality and concept, some mainly intriguing festival fare, one of the year’s numerous superhero movies, and a documentary about one of the best living directors. You’re likely to find something here, regardless of what you’re searching to watch.

The Royal Hotel

Release Date: Monday, October 23 on VOD

Kitty Green’s The Royal Hotel, a menacing portrayal of commonplace atrocities, is one of the TIFF films this year that is well worth your time. It stars Julia Garner of Ozark and is about two friends who, on their vacation, run out of money and accept a job working in a pub in a remote part of Australia. They quickly learn that this is a job where they are constantly being scrutinized and denigrated by the males they are serving from the moment they arrive. Then, as it teeters ever closer to violence, we totally immerse ourselves in the everyday chaos that would soon overwhelm them.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Release Date: Monday, October 23 on Prime Video

Shazam is up next! wrath of the deities. In addition to being among the worst superhero films ever made, it might also mark the end of a chapter in the DC universe’s history as it moves in what is presumably a better direction. Therefore, even though it is difficult to recommend this film on its own, we won’t stop you if you want to see a time capsule of the tragic conclusion of this franchise’s chapter.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

The Exorcist: Believer

Release Date: Monday, October 23 on VOD

The Exorcist: Believer, a lifeless horror sequel devoid of horrors, is already making its internet premiere following its most disastrous box office start. The first of a planned trilogy that supposedly cost Blumhouse $400 million, it is both a partial remake and a theoretical advancement of the horror genre’s zenith. In summary, it’s a rather dismal piece of work that starts off somewhat engaging before nearly collapsing as it goes on. However, if you weren’t able to see it in theaters and are now inquiring about seeing it, you can now go in with realistic expectations.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week


Release Date: Wednesday, October 24 on The Criterion Channel

Have you ever been interested in seeing a movie that explored David Lynch’s relationship to The Wizard of Oz in addition to his amazing work as a director? If so, you should watch this documentary! It’s one of those pieces that is more akin to a video essay, putting the director in dialogue with the classic movie and utilizing it to reflect on all of his thoughts. It’s an odd one, but nothing less is to be expected.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Release Date: Friday, October 27 on Peacock

Is the simultaneous theatrical and streaming release something we still do? All right, then. Josh Hutcherson plays Mike in Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is based on the well-known video game of the same name. Mike is hired to work at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. When the animatronic characters begin to come to life and pursue anybody they can get their hands on, what is already a less than ideal employment takes an even more terrifying turn. Will Mike be able to survive this evening? More importantly, will there be any life left for this video game adaptation? This is one of the biggest horror releases this month and the largest new release of the week, whatever happens.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

The Nun II

Release Date: Friday, October 27 on Max

For those who have developed a routine of watching this horror series, The Nun II is the best addition to The Conjuring franchise outside of the core films. Although a great deal of background information might be given, the essentials are that there is a killer Nun and that they must be stopped. What more information is necessary? Nothing, to be precise.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

Pain Hustlers

Release Date: Friday, October 27 on Netflix

The vacuous drama Pain Hustlers, which debuted first on this list and was one of the worst films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), strives to be both smart and edgy but falls short in all areas. It takes us inside the heads of one such firm and explains why they did what they did, all while telling another tale of corporate greed that harms people who are supposed to be protected in America. No, it’s not the same as the recently published Painkiller, but its methodology is almost exactly the same. Though there isn’t much more to it than that, the release of the week can be worthwhile to watch for the discussion it can spark.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

When Evil Lurks

Release Date: Friday, October 27 on Shudder

Demian Rugna’s When Evil Lurks, a joyously mean-spirited horror voyage to hell, is another movie that screened at TIFF and immediately stood out as one of the best. Not only is it this week’s best possession story, but it’s also a really graphic piece with a number of scenes that, try as you might to forget them, will stick in your memory. Everyone and everything is up for grabs, so heed the warning.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

Susie Searches

Release Date: Friday, October 27 on Hulu

Moving on, we have a movie that has received a lot of mixed reviews but might still be worth seeing, if only to see what it is trying to do. Susie Searches, which stars Kiersey Clemons and Alex Wolff, centers on a young podcast host who solves crimes. Susie (Clemons) puts a lot of love into her work, but there are a lot of other podcasts out there with far larger audiences, so it isn’t enough. She decides to go in search of her classmate Jesse (Wolff) after he vanishes.

New Films Available for Streaming This Week

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New Films Available for Streaming This Week

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