The 33 Best Thrillers on Netflix To Watch This Weekend

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Do you want to watch a scary movie at night without staying up late? Maybe something with a twist that would make your head spin, or a scary story that lacks all the gore? Presenting the enigmatic thriller.

When you’re looking for a spine-tingling movie that combines elements of comedy, horror, drama, and action, this genre is ideal. A great thriller only requires three essential components, despite the genre’s expansion over time: a twisted plot, a creepy character, and enough mystery to keep you guessing.

Best Thrillers on Netflix To Watch This Weekend

We have the perfect thriller for you to watch on your next movie night. We’ve compiled a list of 33 of Netflix’s top thrillers for easy streaming below. Look through the teasers, select one to watch if you’re brave enough.

This list, which includes Stephen King adaptations like Mr. Harrigan’s Phone and Emily the Criminal starring Aubrey Plaza, as well as classics like Shutter Island, is sure to satisfy all of your thrill-seeking needs.

Luckiest Girl Alive {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

The popular book of the same name by Jessica Knoll served as the inspiration for Luckiest Girl Alive. The narrative centers on Ani, a prominent journalist who appears to have the ideal life in New York City. When she gets asked to take part in a true-crime documentary about a high school tragedy, her entire world falls apart.

The Stranger

As an undercover police officer, Mark develops a close bond with a murder suspect in the movie The Stranger. Instead of getting the confession he was hoping for, Mark risks their lives to uncover the truth.

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak tracks Edith and Sir Thomas Sharpe, a wedding couple. They relocate into Thomas’s family’s hillside house in England after being married. To Edith’s astonishment, Lady Lucille, her new sister-in-law, also resides there. Edith is prompted to investigate their family’s sinister past when Lucille claims she can communicate with the dead and experiences terrifying visions.

Emily The Criminal

Aubrey Plaza plays a college graduate in Emily The Criminal who uses a credit card scam to pay off debt, but the plan turns out to be riskier than she anticipated.

Before I Wake

When a young youngster confesses to his guardians that he fears falling asleep, they assume it’s just a case of growing anxiety. However, they find out that the boy’s fears and dreams have the ability to change reality when a deceased person shows up in their house. Eerie!

Shutter Island {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Leonardo DiCaprio plays U.S. Marshall Teddy in one of our favorite Martin Scorsese movies. Teddy is tasked with looking into a mad institution when a woman vanishes out of nowhere.

Mr Harrigan’s Phone

Not to give too much away, but a little child named Craig is able to speak with the dead because to Mr. Harrigan’s Phone—yes, an enigmatic phone.


The queen of scary movies, Kate Siegel, plays a young woman in Hypnotic who hires a hypnotist to help her with her nervousness. When her hypnotist turns out to be an expert manipulator, things take a dangerous turn.

Intrusion {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

The traditional horror of a home invasion is intrusion. The wife of a couple in the movie becomes afraid of everyone when their home is broken into. When everyone is a suspect, whom can you trust?

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Charlie Kaufman’s film I’m Thinking of Ending Things should help you understand why you’re waiting in line. In other words, it’s best to hit play without having too much knowledge beforehand.


Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson portray Catherine and David in the film Chloe, an affluent but unhappy married couple. Catherine hires Amanda Seyfried’s character Chloe, a prostitute, to woo her husband as a test when she thinks he’s cheating on her. But when Chloe divulges her own motivations for accepting the job, things get more and more complicated.

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The Devil All The Time {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Revisiting their Ohioan accents, British actors Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland play a community haunted by its past in this American Gothic story. Star of Harry Potter Harry Melling is also very good as the Evangelical preacher who covers his head in spiders to demonstrate his belief in God.

The Guilty

One of the most exciting movies of 2021 was provided by Netflix with Jake Gyllenhaal responding to a lone 911 call while seated in a chair. In addition to the tense talk, Gyllenhaal, who suffers from asthma, is using his inhaler vigorously to get through the evening.

The Platform {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

In a terrifying situation, food is provided to the occupants of an odd facility called “the Pit” via a platform that slowly lowers from the upper floors until the less fortunate individuals at the bottom receive the leftovers. This Spanish film, which makes a statement about income disparity, is both horrifying and engrossing.

Army of Thieves {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Army of Thieves, a prequel to the zombie-thriller Army of the Dead, follows Matthias Schweighöfer, an accomplished safecracker, and Nathalie Emmanuel of Game of Thrones on a massive heist as the undead take over Earth.

The Beguiled

The best elements of the thriller genre are combined in this Sophia Coppola film: a strong sense of suspense, a seductive undertone, and an unintelligible Nicole Kidman accent. Let the genre live on. A sick soldier seeks solace in a women’s school during the Civil War, but naturally, things get complicated very fast.

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Stowaway {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

You know how sometimes when you go into space with two other people, everything goes smoothly, and then all of a sudden, when performing last-minute maintenance, someone falls off the ship’s roof and you run out of oxygen before everyone can survive?

The Woman in the Window {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

infamously terrible? Excessively messy? Yes. Such claims are accurate. In addition, The Woman in the Window is an outrageously campy psychological thriller that is hard to put down. It’s addictive to watch Amy Adams deal with the aftermath from seeing a murder, especially while you assess her credibility as a witness.

I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot is a thriller starring Rosamund Pike as a legal caregiver who uses the legal system to con elderly people out of everything they own. It lays somewhere between scary and amusing. Everything is going well until she meets someone whose ties are a little tighter than usual. It’s a true no-win situation where the movie will essentially ask you if you’re more comfortable with elder abuse or human trafficking. Still, the movie is really fantastic.

Ava {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Jessica Chastain plays an assassin in Tate Taylor’s Ava, who begins to question her decision to enter this dangerous world after a job goes wrong. As it happens, it’s even more difficult than it seems to have a family and commit murder.

Bad Genius {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Loughlin Lori? kid’s games. In the movie Bad Genius, a bunch of very talented kids con artists to get into college, and the more successful they go, the bigger the stakes get. Show off to your pals who are movie buffs that the 2017 Thai heist flick (more! heist! films!) is critically praised and has a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

See You Yesterday

This Spike Lee-produced movie may have slipped your mind, but it’s available on Netflix and ready for your binge. In the 2019 thriller, two scientific whiz kids are playing around with time travel, but their experiment takes on greater significance after one of their brothers is killed by a police officer.

Gerald’s Game {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Gerald’s Game, which was directed by the recently arrived horror maestro Mike Flanagan (the man behind Doctor Sleep and The Haunting of Hill House), was named one of the top ten best Stephen King adaptations by Esquire. It tells the tale of a woman whose husband unexpectedly passes away from a heart attack, leaving her shackled to the bed and forced to discover a means of survival.

Fractured {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

In this psychological thriller on Netflix, a family travels by car for Thanksgiving. Ray rushes his wife and little daughter to the closest emergency room when she is hurt, where he waits for a CT scan. But when the two vanish, Ray starts to believe that the hospital is concealing something.

1922 {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

A farmer is followed in 1922 to Nebraska, where he embarks on a journey to pen a confession for a previous murder. The Netflix movie is based on a novella by Stephen King.

Bird Box

In this dystopian thriller (and Netflix original movie), Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich play a mother who must travel blindfolded with her kids to safety while an unknown force follows them.

Cam {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

In this Internet-inspired horror thriller and Netflix original, Madeline Brewer plays an entrepreneurial camgirl who finds out she’s been mysteriously reproduced in multiple films that have been published to her own website.

The Hateful Eight {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Quentin Tarantino crafts an Agatha Christie-esque mystery set in the American West shortly after the Civil War.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Ruth Wilson plays Lily, a live-in nurse who moves into her elderly patient’s secluded New England estate when he suffers from dementia. Lily soon begins to wonder if the eerie events occurring in this house are directly from one of her patients’ writings.

The Perfection {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

The Perfection is utterly insane, which makes it the ideal choice for thrillers. You’ll struggle to find a more gripping story with more twists and turns than this one about two cellists competing for first place in a conservatory.

Secret Obsession

Brenda Strong should be able to watch one crazy Netflix thriller a year, and her 2019 offering is called Secret Obsession.

Velvet Buzzsaw {Best Thrillers on Netflix}

Dan Gilroy, the director of Nightcrawler, combines elements of The Square and Eyes of Laura Mars in this horror satire. Jake Gyllenhaal plays an art critic who learns that the enigmatic paintings by an unidentified artist possess supernatural powers and seeks retribution against anyone trying to make money off of them.

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