Live updates from Israel and Gaza Conflict: IDF claims it targeted Syrian military, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

Israel and Gaza Conflict ! Since the Islamist group Hamas launched an unprecedented surprise attack on Israel on October 7, hundreds of people have killed and thousands more have been injured. Israel responded by waging a bombing campaign and imposing a total lockdown on the neighboring Gaza Strip, putting the region on the verge of all-out war.

IDF claims it carried out “wide-scale strikes” on the Syrian military, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

Wednesday morning, the Israel Defense Forces declared that they had conducted “wide-scale strikes” in the Gaza Strip, which is their neighbor, during the previous twenty-four hours.

According to the IDF, the Israeli attacks targeted “several terrorists,” including a Hamas commander, as well as Hamas infrastructure, including tunnels, military headquarters, and weapons storage.

In addition, five Hezbollah terrorists in neighboring Lebanon were reportedly killed by the IDF as they attempted to fire rockets and missiles against Israeli forces the previous day. Following two rockets fired into Israel from Syria, the IDF claimed to have attacked Syrian military sites and infrastructure in retaliation.

Israel and Gaza Conflict
Palestinians search for casualties at the site of Israeli strikes on houses, in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, Oct. 25, 2023.© Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters
Palestinians search for casualties at the site of Israeli strikes on houses, in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, Oct 25, 2023.© Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

US intelligence assess ‘with high confidence’ that Israel was not responsible for Gaza hospital explosion

Providing an update on the explosion that occurred at al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza last week, which claimed hundreds of lives, an official from the U.S. Office of the Director of Intelligence told reporters on Tuesday that the office was “with high confidence that Israel was not responsible for the explosion.”

The official added, “We assess with low confidence that Palestine Islamic Jihad, PIJ, was responsible for launching the rocket that landed on the hospital,” the official added, noting that they suspect based on their analysis that the rocket responsible likely suffered a “catastrophic motor failure.”

A satellite image taken on Oct. 18, 2023, of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza (lower left), and the aftermath of the explosion that took place the day prior.© 2023 Maxar Technologies

The intelligence official stated that in addition to looking at the bomb impacts, they were also using “intelligence, missile activity, open-source video and images of the incident.”

“If an Israeli munition was responsible for this blast, we would expect that Palestinian militants would be very directly and clearly showing what they thought was an Israeli munition,” the official said. “We’ve looked at all of the images and in none of them do we assess that there are remnants, Israeli munitions.”

-ABC News’ Cindy Smith

US engaging in ongoing talks to release a number of hostages: Source

According to an informed source who spoke to ABC News, negotiations are taking place between the United States and its regional allies, such as Israel, Egypt, and Qatar, to negotiate the release of a sizable number of hostages that Hamas is holding in Gaza.

According to the source, the United States is still suggesting a delay in order to give more time for the release of the hostages and for supplies to reach the area, but it does not want to seem as though it is telling the Israelis what to do.

News Source ABC News

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