The popular book of the same name by Jessica Knoll served as the inspiration for Luckiest Girl Alive.


As an undercover police officer, Mark develops a close bond with a murder suspect in the movie The Stranger.


Crimson Peak tracks Edith and Sir Thomas Sharpe, a wedding couple. They relocate into Thomas's family's hillside house in England after being married. 


Aubrey Plaza plays a college graduate in Emily The Criminal who uses a credit card scam to pay off debt, but the plan turns out to be riskier than she anticipated. 


When a young youngster confesses to his guardians that he fears falling asleep, they assume it's just a case of growing anxiety.  


Leonardo DiCaprio plays U.S. Marshall Teddy in one of our favorite Martin Scorsese movies. 


Not to give too much away, but a little child named Craig is able to speak with the dead because to Mr. Harrigan's Phone—yes, an enigmatic phone. 


The queen of scary movies, Kate Siegel, plays a young woman in Hypnotic who hires a hypnotist to help her with her nervousness. 


The traditional horror of a home invasion is intrusion. The wife of a couple in the movie becomes afraid of everyone when their home is broken into.  


Charlie Kaufman's film I'm Thinking of Ending Things should help you understand why you're waiting in line.