ICC expressed concern that the SLC had not upheld its member duties, particularly with regard to managing its affairs independently and without interference from the government. 

The International Criminal Court (ICC) stressed that the terms of the suspension would be decided upon shortly by the ICC Board. 

The board is expected to meet on November 21, and it is expected that following that meeting, further clarity will be provided regarding the next steps. 

The fact that Sri Lanka will host the ICC Under-19 Men's Cricket World Cup in January and February of 2024 only serves to increase the complication. 

But the men's team from Sri Lanka hasn't played well lately in the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023. 

With just two victories in nine games and four points at the end, they are currently ranked eighth in the standings. 

The squad must overcome obstacles as it deals with the fallout from the ICC's decisions as it plays three more league games.